ALC302 - Grey Primer Micro Filler 60ml

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    Grey Filler Primer 60ml for Airbrushing 

    • Pre-Thinned for Airbrushing
    • Excellent Sealing Power
    • Good Filling Properties
    • Fast Drying
    • Easy to Sand

    Application Guide
    Shake or Stir for about 2 mins, ensuring contents are completely mixed before use.
    Ensure surfaces to be coated are dry and free from all traces of contaminants.
    Spray at 15-40 psi.
    2-3 coats are recommended leaving 5 mins between coats.
    To give a less absorbent and glossy finish the surface should be lightly polished with 1200/1500 wet and dry paper or micromesh.
    For additional thinning and cleaning of equipment use Alclad 2 Airbrush cleaner
    Air drying at 20°C: Dust-free: 5 min, Touch Dry: 10 min and Hard Dry 30 mins.
    Relocatable/Applying Basecoat : After 30 mins at 20°C